Corporate Governance

The Company believes strong corporate governance is essential to achieving both its short and long-term performance goals and to maintaining the trust and confidence of investors, employees, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders.

The Board of Directors follows, both formally and informally, corporate governance principles designed to assure that the Board, through its membership, composition, committee structure and governance practices, is able to provide informed, competent and independent guidance and oversight and thereby promote long-term term shareholder value.

This Corporate Governance Statement (this “Statement”) describes the key aspects of the Company’s corporate governance framework.

During fiscal year 2015, the Board evaluated the Company’s corporate governance framework and practices and approved this Corporate Governance Statement. This Corporate Governance Statement is current as at 20 May 2015.


Overall Approach to Corporate Governance

The Company operates under the regulatory requirements of numerous jurisdictions, including, those of its corporate domicile (Ireland) and its principal stock exchange listings (Australia and the United States). In presenting this Statement, the Board has evaluated the Company’s corporate governance framework in relation to the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (2nd Edition with 2010 Amendments) (the “ASX Principles”), as well as the NYSE Corporate Governance Standards (the “NYSE Standards”).

ASX Principles

Pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 4.10.3, the Company is required to disclose in this Annual Report the extent to which it has followed the ASX Principles for fiscal year 2015 and must identify any areas where the Company has determined not to follow the ASX Principles and provide the reasons for not following them.

Additionally, in March 2014, the ASX Corporate Governance Council released the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (3rd Edition) (the “ASX Principles Third Edition”), which applies to listed companies in respect of their first full financial year commencing on or after 1 July 2014. The Board has completed an evaluation of its current corporate governance framework in light of the ASX Principles Third Edition, and has made the necessary changes to the Company’s framework and practices to facilitate compliance with the ASX Principles Third Edition in fiscal year 2016.

NYSE Standards

As a foreign private issuer with ADS listed on the NYSE, the Company is required to disclose in this Annual Report any significant ways in which its corporate governance practices differ from those followed by domestic companies under NYSE listing standards. Based on the requirements of the NYSE Standards, the Company believes that the Company’s corporate governance framework and practices were consistent with the NYSE Standards during fiscal year 2015, except as otherwise noted below:

  • Generally, in the United States an audit committee of a public company is directly responsible for appointing the company’s independent registered public accounting firm, with such appointment being subsequently ratified by shareholders. Under Irish law, the independent registered public accounting firm is directly appointed by the shareholders where there is a new appointment. Otherwise, the appointment is deemed to continue unless the firm retires, is asked to retire or is unable to perform their duties; and
  • NYSE rules require each issuer to have an audit committee, a compensation committee (equivalent to a remuneration committee) and a nominating committee composed entirely of independent directors. As a foreign private issuer, the Company does not have to comply with this requirement; however, the committee charters reflect Australian and Irish practices, in that such committees have a majority of independent directors, unless a higher number is mandatory.

Availability of Key Governance Documents

This Statement, as well as our Articles of Association, Board committee charters and the other key governance and corporate policies referenced in this Statement, as updated from time to time, are available in the Library section of this website or by requesting a copy from the company secretary at the Company’s corporate headquarters at the Corporate Address.



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